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new babies 6.29.19.jpg

 Our Queen Desert Pearl (Desi) has given birth to six beautiful and healthy babies -  3 females and 3 males.  We are all so excited.

kitten 4 weeks.jpg

   Babies are four weeks old - Nov. 28th

seal on blanket 5 weeks.jpg
5 weeks.jpg

New Babies Have Arrived                      Born June 30th

francois portrait.jpg
new babies 6.29.19.jpg

       Babies turned three weeks Nov. 21. There            are definite blue points, seal points and                           a lilac point.

seal on condo 5 weeks.jpg

     The Proud daddy (Francois Pierre) doesn't seem as excited as the rest of us.

kitten pulling blanket.jpg

    4 weeks old and on the move

mother and babies.jpg
baby 5 weeks old.jpg

 Desi's beautiful babies
   5 weeks old December 15, 2023

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